New Haven Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan



The City of New Haven's Comprehensive Plan is a long-term strategic guide to help the community manage and facilitate stable and desired economic growth, as well as to develop and apply a vision for the community’s future. The plan is designed to showcase the existing conditions of the community, specify desired goals and objectives that are integrated with the community’s vision, and develop appropriate strategies to move the vision forward. It also demonstrates a community’s apparent intent to carry out projects for which outside funding will be sought.

In addition to guiding local government officials, the plan also serves to guide other non-government community organizations, leaders, and all citizens in designing the future of their community. The planned changes outlined can give residents and stakeholders plenty of notice of what may happen and how they can react. Strategies and goals in the plan can be used in support of winning grants and procuring other funding for the betterment of the community.

An updated plan will allow the City of New Haven to apply for state and federal funding for proposed projects. One important outcome of the comprehensive plan is economic development. By coordinating the actions of multiple agencies and organizations, the comprehensive plan helps to provide public services and infrastructure efficiently. The plan also recognizes the best areas for certain types of growth, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, and what would be best for the community, which makes the city resilient and financially flexible.

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