Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Do you want a chance to have your voice heard and make a difference in your community? Or do you just want to hang out, meet some really great people, share food and have a great time? Check out the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and learn how you can become more involved in the community, learn team building skills and have a lot of fun.

Hear from the MYAC Class of 2020-2021 about their experience.

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Myac Members pose for annual picture
MYAC Members being interviewed on the news.
MYAC members attend the state Conference
MYAC Members learn from a News professional
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Myac Members pose for a picture.
Mayor McDonald and MYAC members
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History and Information

The New Haven Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council was established in 2002 and has worked with young people who want to make a difference in the community. The MYAC organization actively participates in planning activities and opportunities for youth in and around New Haven that raise awareness of youth-related issues. MYAC also works with local officials in city government. MYAC provides a sense of purpose and offers a unique opportunity for young people. This is the place for the government and the community to get some feedback, opinions and concerns from young people to make this community even better.

MYAC meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month (August – May) at 7:00 p.m. at New Haven City Hall.

The MYAC organization has youth officers that are elected each year.  Members have learned how to run meetings, make motions, prepare agendas and minutes, prepare treasurer reports and host guest speakers at meetings.

This non-profit and non-political organization offers leadership training and life skills that teens and young adults can use as a foundation for success; including: teamwork, organization, individuality, responsibility, decision making, networking, creativity, and public speaking skills. By offering a balance of interaction with government officials, and allowing young people to give back to the community through community service projects, members benefit from positive youth development. This provides a youth voice in the community along with the skills that are necessary to become leaders. MYAC was created to build successful partnerships together for one common goal - positive youth development for our youth of today and future leaders of tomorrow!

The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council is offered to young adults who simply want to make a difference that will benefit their peers and who are willing to make a serious commitment to this organization. Other reasons to get involved include:

● Gain leadership and life skills.

● Open doors for opportunities with local government.

● Potential internship for Youth Council members to work with various City departments on projects.

● Build mutual respect between local government and young adults.

● Serve as advisors to the Mayor and City Council on issues that affect our youth.

● Offers leadership skills and builds confidence to benefit young people to become successful adults and future leaders.

● Offers other skills you can use in the future.

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