Approved Resolutions and Ordinances

Resolutions and Ordinances Approved by Meeting Date

1/19/2021 Resolution R-21-01

2/2/2021 Ordinance G-21-01, Ordinance G-21-02, Ordinance G-21-03

2/16/2021 Ordinance Z-21-04, Resolution R-21-02

3/1/2021 Ordinance G-21-06, Ordinance G-21-07

3/2/2021 Resolution R-21-03

3/16/2021 Resolution R-21-04, Resolution R-21-05

4/6/2021 Ordinance G-21-08, Ordinance G-21-09, Ordinance G-21-10, Ordinance G-21-11Resolution R-21-06, Resolution R-21-07

4/20/2021 Ordinance Z-21-12

5/4/2021 Ordinance G-21-13, Resolution R-21-08, Resolution R-21-09, Resolution R-21-10

5/18/2021 Ordinance A-21-14, Resolution R-21-11