Engineering Project Updates

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Green road Improvement Project:

Update as of 5/7/2020:

Currently we are milling Green Road, south of Moeller Road. This will be complete this morning. There will be a second crew on-site milling approaches on the side streets, this will take all day but should have little effect on traffic.

Speed, Stop, No Parking, etc. signs are scheduled to be installed today.

Paving is currently scheduled for next week (May 11th - 15th) this work will require that Green be closed to through traffic. This work will take 3-4 days.

Once paving has been completed, the pavement markings will be laid, this should take approx. 1.5 days. This will also require Green be closed to through traffic. If vehicles cross the newly placed lines, the markings will transfer to your vehicle. This material is a thermoplastic and very hard to remove from vehicles. Please be very cautious if you have to cross the newly placed pavement markings as neither the City nor the contractor will be responsible for damage.

Grass seeding was completed last week. We encourage residents to water the newly seeded areas to promote germination and new growth. If you are watering your yard, please try to keep water off of the roadway while paving is taking place.

Once pavement markings and traffic control devices (signs) are in place, the roadway will be open to traffic as normal.

Paving operations are weather dependent requiring a minimum temperature as well as dry conditions. Please be aware that paving could be delayed if we are unable to maintain temperatures or dry conditions, thus delaying the opening of the roadway.

Update as of 4/29/2020:

Green Road will have seed completed 4/28/2020 or 4/29/2020 and paving is scheduled for the week of may 11th. Milling will still be next week sometime, on Green Road, south of Moeller. We will do this under traffic with flagmen.

Update as of 4/28/2020:

Restoration has begun, gravel has been raked out, existing soil was compacted and now topsoil will be in place after 4/28. Seeding should occur possibly as soon as 4/28/2020, if not, Wednesday or Thursday. This will be accomplished via hydro seed method. Seed, fertilizer and mulch will be sprayed on via water canon. Please keep in mind, watering of the newly placed seeding will not only propagate germination but will also help the new grass take over any weeds that inherently occurred with topsoil placement as well as a small percentage that is within the seed mixture. When watering your yard, please keep sprinkler water off of the roadway as this could hamper paving due to wet spots. The City will not water your yards, this is the responsibility of the property owner.

Sign installation has been turned over to the installers and should occurs within a week or so.

Milling will occur next week, on Green, south of Moeller Road. The new pavement will also be placed late next week. Pavement installation can only be placed in dry conditions with temperatures around 60 degrees. Paving will take approximately 3 days. Green Road will be closed to through traffic on the day that paving begins. Residents will still have access during paving however, we ask that while workers are on the roadway, please try and limit the number of trips, the new pavement has limitations and in some cases cannot withstand turn movements (as in when backing out of driveways). Paving will be followed up with pavement markings,

Green will remain closed until the new pavement markings are in place. Pavement markings should take approximately 1.5 days. There is some cure time required with the thermoplastic pavement markings thus, please follow directions of any workers or flagman. If you happen to drive over the new pavement markings, it will not only cause tire tracks but also transfer to your vehicle. With the road being closed, we will not be responsible for any damage to vehicles as this is a construction zone.

Please keep in mind, all if the above comes only when we have proper temperatures and dry weather. This is why I am hesitant to give a definite date for the work.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tye at 260-710-4897

Thank you for your patience during the construction and our efforts to continue to improve our city.

Private Lateral Rehab, Repair and Replacement Program (3R Program)

3R Program Information:

3R Program Brochure

3R Phase I Map

The City’s contractor will begin work on the 3R program participants beginning Monday, May 18, 2020.  There will also be a lane restriction on Green Road due to this project.