About Us

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life for all people in our community by providing parks, green spaces, programs, and recreation facilities that make the best use of our natural, financial, and human resources.

Vision Statement

Building the community and increasing the quality of life through people, parks, and programs.


We are always trying to grow and improve the type and quality of programming in New Haven, IN. We are always here to listen to taxpayers-our customers-for new ideas, suggestions, and improvements. We care for and maintain 17 park properties in New Haven and Adams Township. These areas include something for everyone to enjoy:

  • Ball diamonds
  • Nature areas and a nature center
  • Playgrounds
  • Pools
  • Trails
  • So much more

Discover the Parks

New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation is not simply a department in New Haven, IN-we are an entity that embraces everything in our community. We manage many parks in the area that offer first-rate facilities, programs, and outdoor attractions.

We encourage you to visit the:

  • Community Center
  • Jury Pool
  • Playground Recreation Craft Sheds

You can also enjoy a stroll along the beautiful River Greenway, sign up for a fitness class, enrichment class or enroll your child in a youth activity class. At the parks, we encourage you to play unplugged.

More Information

Submit questions, concerns, and other messages to the Parks and Recreation Department.

View photos of the Parks and Recreation Department.