We are a combination type Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department that includes twenty-one full-time Firefighters/Medics and over 80 part-time and Volunteer Firefighters/Medics. We have three fire stations with a total of 17 pieces of apparatus including 3 ambulances and also in the fleet are 5 Command Vehicles that are occupied by the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief and other Chief Officers. 


In 1990 our department was consolidated from two departments, one being the City of New Haven with two fire stations, and the other being Adams Township also with two fire stations. Two stations were closed and one central station was built. A Governing Body was formed based on the assessed valuation of the two entities. Governing Body members include the City of New Haven Mayor, two City Council Members, Adams Township Trustee, and one Advisory Board Member.

Insurance Rating

We currently maintain an ISO Insurance rating of Class 3. All firefighters are trained based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and all are currently certified by the State of Indiana. We are certified as a non-transport EMS provider by the State EMS Commission in which a majority of our fire trucks carry defibrillators.

About the Fire Chief

Fire Chief Joshua Hale has been a member of the department since 2001. In 2001 Chief Hale began as a Volunteer Firefighter serving the community. Joshua has held several positions within the Fire Department including the Volunteer Board of Directors, Lieutenant, Training Captain, and Explorer Post Advisor. 

Joshua was hired in 2006 as a career firefighter. Joshua was very instrumental in bringing recruit Firefighter training through IDHS District 3 to the New Haven-Adams Township Fire Department, where Joshua successfully led 3 recruit classes. Chief Hale was appointed Fire Chief in August of 2016.

Volunteer Assistant Fire Chiefs

Volunteer Assistant Fire Chiefs serve each of the three stations. They are as follows:

  • The South Station located at 4625 E Paulding Road is served by Garry Marquardt, Assistant Chief.
  • The North Station located at 420 Broadway is served by Tom Vachon, Assistant Chief.
  • The Central Station is located at 910 Hartzell Road and is served by David Sztuk, Assistant Chief.

Career Staff

Each Shift has 6 Career Staff on duty at all times. The career staff members make a 2-person Paramedic Ambulance Crew and a 4-person Engine Crew. Each Shift has a District Chief who is responsible for all daily operations and EMS Captain to oversee daily operations.

  • A-Shift District Chief Randy Linker and Vacant EMS Captain
  • B-Shift District Chief Carl Bradtmueller and EMS Captain Bruce Robinson
  • C-Shift District Chief Mark Hoeppner and EMS Captain Curt Chivers

About the Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Doug Call has over 35 years of experience in Fire/EMS. Doug retired from Fort Wayne after 22 years and served as the Assistant Chief of EMS his last three. Doug started the Paramedic Program with FWFD and has worked in various areas with:

  • Lutheran
  • Parkview
  • Samaritan
  • TRAA
  • Wells

Doug worked full time with Northeast Fire after retirement before coming to join the leadership team at New Haven Adams Township Fire/EMS.

About the Captain

Captain Bruce Robinson has been in EMS for more than 30 years and is the training officer. Bruce is an NREMT-P, PI and also has been responsible for placing defibrillators on the fire equipment for the New Haven/Adams Township Fire Department. Paramedic Captain Curt Chivers has been with New Haven EMS for over 25 years; Curt is responsible for all EMS supplies and EMS vehicle maintenance.

About the Administrative Assistant

Fire/EMS has a full-time administrative assistant, Shawna Gunder who is also a Firefighter/EMT who's primary responsibility is assisting the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief, but also maintains the EMS Subscription Program. Shawna is also responsible for the coordination of all Fire Prevention duties and responsibilities. Shawna is very instrumental in the day-to-day administrative and operational flow of Fire/EMS.