Fire / Emergency Medical Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Provide our citizens with the highest level of protection from fire and disaster with professionalism and effectiveness
  • Provide the safest methods for our personnel by providing adequate equipment, training, and procedures
  • Safeguard the general economy and protect our community and always be prepared to handle any emergency
  • Educate our citizens to become a fire-safe community
  • Make every effort to prevent fires and disasters from occurring


Our coverage area includes the City of New Haven, all unincorporated Adams Township and a contract area with a large portion of adjoining Jefferson Township. 

The total population served is approximately 30,000 residents. We have over 600 industrial and commercial businesses, 17 schools, two large railroad systems, and numerous chemical distribution facilities. 

In addition, we have 12 miles of the Maumee River, over 20 miles of Interstate 469 as well as U.S. Highways 24 and 30 and State Road 14 that go through our coverage area. We are located immediately east of the City of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. We have approximately 45 square miles of coverage area.