Code Enforcement

The City of New Haven is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing responsive services for our community. With this goal in mind, the Code Enforcement Department was developed to address concerns about unsafe, unhealthy or unsightly conditions in neighborhoods and the entire community.

Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Office works to address code violations or "public nuisances" that have a negative impact on neighborhoods and ultimately property values within the city. With an emphasis on education and voluntary compliance, Code Enforcement staff work with residents, neighborhood associations, business, and other City Departments to ensure New Haven remains an exceptional place to live, work and play.

Zoning & Permits

Any time you are planning or actually starting construction on your property you must consider whether the project you are doing requires a county or city permit. In addition, there may be restrictions in your homeowner’s association covenants. 

While the City of New Haven does not become involved in the enforcement of homeowner association rules, we will become involved if the proper permits have not been obtained when required. Many factors go into permit consideration including the construction and placement of your project. If not in compliance, the removal of the project will become necessary costing the homeowner or business time and money.

Before starting your project be sure to call the City of New Haven Planning Office to determine your needs at 260-748-7040.