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Types of Permits - Zoning vs. Building

The City of New Haven issues Improvement Location Permits (ILPs) which are sometimes referred to as "zoning" or "land use" permits.  This type of permit is used to ensure that the proposed improvement complies with local zoning laws. The Department of Planning requires an Improvement Location Permit (ILP) for various types of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  Common improvements which require an ILP include dwellings, mobile homes, decks, porches, swimming pools, accessory buildings (garages, sheds, etc.) greater than 144 square feet, and fences when located in front of a front building line or side building line on a corner lot (see fence regulations for more details). 

Applications for residential projects must be accompanied by a plot plan which shows the dimensions and location of the proposed improvement.  Commerical and industrial applications must be accompanied by civil drawings as well as any other information that may be necessary for reviewing agencies.  Please refer to the Commercial and Industrial Development Process Map for information about the development approval process. 

Building Permits are issued by the Allen County Building Department and involve a separate application process.  Chapter 153 of the New Haven Land Usage Codes designates the Allen County Building Department to administer and enforce building codes within the city limits.  If you have applied for an Improvement Location Permit from the City of New Haven you may also need to apply for building permits from Allen County depending on the type of project.  For more information regarding building codes or building permit requirements please contact the Allen County Building Department at (260) 449-7131


Permitting Excellence

New Haven is a participating jurisdiction in Northeast Indiana's Permitting Excellence Coalition (PEC) which is dedicated to streamlining permitting processes across the region.  The coalition meets on a quarterly basis to focus on process and communication improvements that align with the core customer values of consistency, transparency and easy access. 


Customer Service Survey 

If you have applied for and received an Improvement Location Permit please take a moment to complete this short customer service survey.


Applications and Fees

Improvement Location Permit

NOTE: The New Haven Planning Department now offers permit applications with digital signature fields.  To access this functionality please right click the link for the application type that you need to use and click "Save Link As" to save it to your computer.  You may also choose to click on the link and then righ-click on the document after it opens and choose "Save As".  When you have filled out the application you may e-mail it to  Please be sure to attach your plot plan.  At this time we do not offer online payments but you may bring or mail your applicaiton fee to the Planning Department office at:

New Haven Department of Planning
815 Lincoln Highway East
New Haven, IN, 46774

Checks should be made payable to the City of New Haven. 

If you you click on the link the application will open in your web browser and the digitial signature field will not be available.  However you may still fill out the form electronicnally and print when complete.  


A Residential Improvement Location Permit (ILP) is required for a variety of residential project types including, but not limited to, new home construction, room additions, decks, porches, garages, sheds over 144 square feet, and some fences

Residential Certificate of Compliance Request Form
This form is required when a builder or contractor would like to request that the Planning Department issue a Certificate of Compliance for a completed residential project.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family, and other similar project types 

An Improvement Location Permit is required for a variety of sign types.  Please review section 151.145 of the New Haven Zoning Code for more information.  


Occupancy / Change in Use

Certificate of Occupancy (Change of Use)
When a property or building changes use the occupant or owner will need to apply for and receive a Certificate of Occupancy.


Land Use Petitions

Development Plan - Primary / Secondary / Amendments
Within certain zoning districts an approved development plan is necessary before the City can issue an Improvement Location Permit.

Property owners have the ability to request that the symbols of the New Haven Zoning Map be changed in order to rezone areas within New Haven.  The Plan Commission reviews rezoning requests and makes recommendations to City Council after holding a public hearing. 

BZA Application
The New Haven Board of Zoning Appeals holds public hearings to review applications for variances from specific provisions of the New Haven Zoning Code, special exceptions, contingent uses, or appeals to decisions made by the Zoning Administrator. 

2019 Public Meeting Calendar
The Public Meeting Calendar includes a listing of all regularly scheduled meetings for the New Haven Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.  Applications must be submitted by the filing deadline listed on the calendar prior to the meeting at which an application will be reviewed. 


Fee schedules


Improvement Location Permit
Residential (One and Two Family) $100
Residential addition or accessory structure $50
Fence $25
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-family or Mixed-Use building or addition $250
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family or Mixed-Use building or addition when approved as part of a secondary development plan $100
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family or Mixed-Use structures not distributed to other agencies for review $100
Sign (single/multiple) $75/$100
Other Fees
Certificate of Occupancy (Change in Use) $50
Zoning Verification Letter $50
Rezoning Petition $600
Primary Plat or Development Plan $800
Secondary Plat or Development Plan $800
Amendment to Plat or Development Plan $600
Plat Vacation $600
Variance, Special Exception, Contingent Use $350
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