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What is Infraction Deferral?

Infraction Deferral is a program offered by the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office for infraction cases and by the City Attorney’s Office for Ordinance Violations.  The program offers violators the opportunity to defer their violations, in return for good behavior on our public roadways.  The program is administered by the office of the City Court Clerk.

What can Infraction Deferral do for me?

Infraction Deferral is designed to keep points, that would normally be assessed to your driving record as a result of a conviction or admission to a moving traffic citation off of your driving record.  A notice of conviction is not sent to the BMV, therefore your insurance company would not normally become aware of this violation, either.

What are the conditions?

If you choose to utilize this program, you are required to sign a contract that states you will NOT receive another moving violation ANYWHERE in the U.S. for a period of six or twelve months, depending on your violation.  If you are unable to avoid additional moving violations within the designated period, your deferred citation will then be redocketed and you will be held responsible for paying the original fines and fees of this redocketed citation.  This time, the notice of conviction will be forwarded to the BMV, and the appropriate moving point will be assessed to you driving record.

How can I take advantage of this Program?

Do not pay your ticket first as that will go as an admission on your driving record.  You must appear at the New Haven City Court by the date your ticket is due.  You cannot do this over the phone, as you are required to sign a contract.  You are not automatically eligible for this program.  You must bring your driver’s license along when you come in so we can check your driving record to determine if you are eligible.  Any person holding a CDL drivers license is not eligible for this program.  Certain offenses are not eligible for this program.  If you are from out of state, please contact the court to determine if you have the opportunity to apply.

What is the Cost?

Depending on your violation, your total cost will either be $192.50 or $252.50.  This does NOT mean that you pay this amount in addition to your ticket amount.  This is your total cost to be on the program for the specified six or twelve month period.

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