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Every four years the Clerk-Treasurer is elected to office as is the Mayor, Judge, and Common Council. The Clerk-Treasurer’s duties are specifically defined by law. Those duties include oversight of Accounts Payable, Grants, Investments, Payroll, Utility Billing, and the City’s Budget. The preparation of Agendas and Minutes for the Common Council, Board of Works and the Fire/EMS Governing Body are also responsibilities of the Clerk-Treasurer.

Our current Clerk-Treasurer is Natalie Strock.

Clerk Treasurer duties include:
- Serve as clerk of the city legislative body and maintain custody of its records
- Serve as clerk to the New Haven/Adams Township Governing Body
- Maintain grant records
-Responsible for the monthly Utility Billing for all residents
-Have charge of all documents and books entrusted to the office by statute or ordinance
-Swear in new Police officers and Firefighters
-Solemnize marriages
Fiscal Officer duties include:
-Creation of the Annual Budget and posting to Gateway
-Processing of city employees Payroll
-Accounts Payable to all Vendors
-Receipt and deposit of all incoming funds
-Audit all accounts of the city and submit an Annual Report
-Manage and Invest the City's finances and accounts
-Act as a financial advisor to the Mayor and City Council
-Issue all city licenses
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