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City Court

City Court

The City Court was created by ordinance in 1998.  Judge Geoff Robison was elected as the first judge of the City Court and began his term in January 1, 2000. 

The New Haven City Court is located on the second floor in the New Haven City Hall Facilities at 815 Lincoln Highway East in New Haven, IN. City Hall is located one half block west of the intersection of Lincoln Highway & Broadway near the downtown business district of New Haven.

Courts of Allen County

Courts of Allen County



Please keep in mind that the New Haven City Court will accept payment of fees & fines by US mail. PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE CALLING/PAYING CITATION.  Do not send cash payments through the mail. Cash, Cashier's checks, Certified bank checks, or money orders are acceptable means of payment.  The court accepts credit card payments online only at HTTPS://PUBLICACCESS.COURTS.IN.GOV.  We cannot process credit card payment by phone.Personal/company checks are not accepted and will be returned and your case treated as though you did not appear.

To pay your fees & fines through the Violations Bureau you are required to make an admission by signature on the back of your copy of the citation.  Please include your copy f the citation with the payment.  All payments should  be made out to "New Haven City Court" and mailed to 815 Lincoln Highway East, New Haven, IN 46774.  Violators also have the option of visiting the Violations Bureau in the New Haven City Hall building to pay their fees & fines, where cash is also an acceptable means of payment.

Before you admit to a violation, you should be informed that:

  1. Your admission of a violation will have the same effect as the judgment of the court.
  2. A record of the judgment will be sent to the commissioner of motor vehicles of Indiana or the state where you received your license to drive.  You are entitled to a trial.

If you choose to admit the violation and wish to avoid appearing in court, follow these instructions:

  1. Read the back of the summons the Officer served you with.
  2. Find the violation with which you are charged on the ticket front.
  3. Sign the back of the ticket under the "admits violation" section and mail it with an acceptable form of payment (stated above), made out to "New Haven City Court" for the amount indicated.
  4. Failure to appear or pay a judgement by the appearance date on the ticket will result in a Court ordered suspension of your driving privileges by the Indiana BMV until the fees are paid. An additional late fee of $25.00 will also be assessed by the Court.  Additional fees for re-instatement of your driving privileges may also be assessed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Be aware that it is a misdemeanor in Indiana to fail to pay or appear on a Traffic Infraction or a City Ordinance Violation, and a warrant for your arrest may be issued.
  5. Minors (under 18 years of age) must call to schedule an appearance before the Judge with a parent or guardian.

You cannnot appear for a bench trial on the court date that appears on your citation.  Any violator, who wishes to contest their citation and enter a plea of "Not Guilty", must contact the Court Clerk or notify the Court in writing of their intentions, and a preliminary hearing will be schedled.  If you choose to engage legal counsel to assist you in contesting your citation, your attorney can file an appearance with the court by facsimile machine at (260) 748-7979.  Please direct any additional questions to the City Court staff by calling (260) 748-7878.

Schedule of Fines: Please call 260-748-7878 for the cost of a citation.

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